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Frequently Asked Questions


Q     How durable are Foamco's foam signs and props?
This is far and away the most asked question that we are presented with while talking to customers. Foamco's product, with proper installation, will outlast traditional signs made with wood and metal. All of our products are signs are made with 1 pound density EPS Styrofoam. The foam is coated with a polyurethane hard coat making the foam impenetrable to the elements. This hard coat urethane material will then be covered with a stucco material (similar to Dryvit) that has a sand texture finish. This finish adds strength and looks to the sign. We believe in our foam products so much that we offer a 5 year warranty.

Q     What is the difference between sign foam and the material that Foamco uses to produce its products?
The two products are different in several ways:

?      Foamco's signs are made with 1 pound density EPS Styrofoam. The EPS is coated with a polyurethane hard coat making the foam impenetrable to the elements. This hard coat urethane material will then be covered with a stucco material (similar to Dryvit) that has a sand texture finish. This finish adds strength and looks to the sign. The stucco is then painted to the client's desired colors.

?      Sign foam comes in a variety of densities from 10 pound to 30 pound foam and is typically used for sign faces. Since it is much more dense than EPS it does not require a polyurethane coating.

?      The EPS foam that Foamco uses is manufactured in 8' x 4' x 4' blocks allowing much more flexibility in the size and shape of your sign, prop or display.

?      Foamco EPS signs are typically less expensive than those cut out of sign foam, are made with a dimensional look and are just as rugged.

Q     How big of a sign can Foamco manufacture?
We have made foam props as large as 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide and foam mounted signs that measured 45" x 10" x 3" that was made to be seen on an outfield wall in professional ball park. Size and shape do not limit the products that can be made using Foamco's state of the art manufacturing process.

Q     What all finishes can my Foamco sign have?
Foamco has two standard finishes for our foam signs and foam props. The first is a synthetic stucco finish. This is applied to most signs that are made for outdoor use, although we have also done several outdoor signs without stucco. The second finish that we apply is a simple primer and paint set up. This finish has an 'orange-peel' texture. Of course, both of these finishes are applied on top of an impermeable polyurethane coating. If stucco or orange peel is not what you are looking for, we also offer a completely smooth finish at an additional cost.  

Q     What is the process to manufacture a Foamco sign?
All Foamco foam signs are first cut from a giant piece of raw foam. Our skilled technicians then fabricate the sign to the customer's specifications. Once this is done, the sign is placed in an industrial spray-booth where it is 'hard coated' with a polyurethane finish. The sign is  then prepared for paint. If the sign calls for stucco it is then applied. The sign is then painted by our talented art team. Finally it is carefully crafted and shipped to you.

Q     How do I install a Foamco monument sign?
Installation of one of our signs is very simple and can be accomplished in less than one hour by only one or two people. All of our monument signs are fitted with two 3" PVC sleeves. A hole must be dug in the ground directly under where these holds in the bottom of the sign will lay. A 2 7/8" pipe (you will provide this) will be inserted into the PVC sleeves and bonded using adhesive (we recommend Great Stuff expanding foam) and leaving at least 18" of pole hanging out of the bottom of the sign. The poles will then be placed in the pre-dug holes. We recommend using one 80 pound bag of Quickrete per hole for maximum strength and stability. With this easy installation process performed properly your customer will enjoy a maintenance free sign for years to come. Here is a link to our install diagram.

Q     Do I have to install my Foamco monument sign on a concrete pad?
Installing the monument sign on top of a concrete pad is preferable but does not have to be done. If the monument sign is not installed on a pad, we recommend that landscaping be done around the sign. Since Foamco monument signs are impermeable to water, dirt and pests this method is perfectly acceptable. Like most signs, Foamco monument signs will not stand up well to a weed trimmer. If landscaping is not placed around the monument sign or if it is not placed on a concrete pad, we highly suggest that some barrier be placed around the sign to protect it from the damages caused by weed trimmers.

Q     Do Foamco signs come with a warranty?
Foamco warrants all of our products for 5 years against manufacturer's defects. 

Q     What do I do if my Foamco sign is damaged during shipping?
We take great care in packaging your sign so that it arrives to you intact   as you expect. If your product is damaged during shipping you have one of two options.

?         Refuse the shipment. If this action is taken we will repair the sign as soon as possible and ship back to you. We will deal with any damages caused by the shipping company.

?         Accept the shipment, note the bill of lading and take lots of pictures. Send the pictures to us and we will deal with any issues that the shipping company caused at no cost to you. We will use the pictures that you send us to formulate an action plan to get your sign repaired as expeditiously as possible.
All of our signs are shipped with canisters of touch up paint for you to use in the unlikely event that the product is damaged.

Q     Does Foamco offer terms?
All orders require a 50% down payment with the remaining 50% due upon receipt.  

Q     How do I request material including sample signs and catalogs from Foamco?
You can request material here. Unlike our competitors, we will NEVER charge for sample material.

Q     Are Foamco shipping rates competitive?
Our central location in Quincy, Illinois and large shipping volume allows us to provide great shipping rates anywhere in the country. We also provide lower than average crating costs which means less expense and more profit for you!

Q     What is the lead time on Foamco monument signs?
A typical foam monument sign is manufactured and shipped within 4  weeks of the date the order is placed. We know that getting a sign in a timely manner is important to you and we will do everything we can to shorten the process as much as possible.

Q     What sets Foamco apart from its competitors?
Our business philosophy is different. We want you, the sign/prop   professional, to make Foamco products a regular part of your business. We believe the best way to do that is to make your life easier by manufacturing a quality, turn-key foam sign or prop at a low price so that you can make a large profit!

Q     My customers want a brick or stone look to their sign? What options can Foamco offer me?

At Foamco we manufacture foam signs to our customer's specifications. That means if you want a brick or stone look then you got it. Want a wood grain or bamboo look?  You got it! Call us today at 888.362.6261 for a free consultation with a Foamco professional designer.

Q     Can I order a Foamco sign without graphics?
At Foamco, your wish is our command. If you would like your sign to be manufactured without graphics, just let us know. The price is always cheaper without graphics as well.

Q     How do I choose the colors that my Foamco sign will be painted?
To ensure proper color matching every time, Foamco uses PMS colors. You can either use your own PMS color chart or click here to see an online version. When placing your order be sure to give the Foamco rep your PMS color choices.

Q     Can Foamco design my sign for me?
Absolutely! As a full service design and manufacturing foam sign and display shop, we will work with you to determine what is best for your customer and for your budget. Call us today at 888.362.6261 for a free consultation.


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